Discover intriguing ingredients at a bustling Istanbul market, learn exciting dishes and cooking techniques at a local kitchen and enjoy the feast you have cooked over a chat and a glass of Turkish wine.

Why Delicious Istanbul Cooking Class

If you are an enthusiastic cook inspired by the Istanbul food and looking to bring new recipes and skills back home or a foodie willing to roll up your sleeves and add some delicious fun to your Istanbul vacations – this cooking class is for you!

  • Learn about Istanbul cuisine that has never been solely Turkish: get up and close with the Istanbul food diversity as the cooking class menu features specialties of Turkish, Greek, Armenian, Central Asian, Balkan or Middle Eastern origins;
  • Explore local ingredients: get to know spices, seasonal produce and other exciting ingredients available at the Istanbul markets and their traditional use at our kitchen;
  • Learn secrets of Istanbul home cooks: dive into the wisdoms collected at the Istanbul kitchens and pick up new fun techniques into your own cooking repertoire;
  • Get great tips on Istanbul restaurants and food shopping: inquire tailor-made tips about dining or shopping to indulge while in Istanbul and stuff your kitchen pantry back home.

Delicious Istanbul Cooking Class Program

  • Touring the most vibrant food market on the Asian side of Istanbul: visiting a fishmonger/butcher, greengrocer, pickle and olive oil vendor, and then a spice shop to examine their stalls; sitting down for a fine cup of Turkish coffee at a local coffee roaster and having a piece of baklava at a local shop which beats many big names
  • Taking a brief ride on the historic tram around Moda, a picturesque historic neighborhood
  • Cooking lunch of a few starters, main course and dessert (featuring Turkish and Ottoman classics) and enjoying it over Turkish wine at a local home

Delicious Istanbul Cooking Class Practical Information

  • Time: We meet at 9.30 am and done at about 4 pm
  • Cost: US$125 per person
  • What’s included: Tastings at the market, tram ride, class and lunch with wine.
  • Maximum capacity: 6 people
  • Where class starts: In Kadiköy on the Asian side of Istanbul. Exact location provided when booking is confirmed.
  • Where class finishes: At Olga’s kitchen.
  • Class design: Our classes are hands-on: expect to roll up your sleeves. We cook like one typically does at a Turkish kitchen: preparation of every dish is always a shared effort.
  • Menu: Menu typically includes 3 starters, main course and dessert. Menu changes every time and is subject to the season and interest of the participants.
  • Recipes: Recipes for all the dishes from the cooking class are provided for you to keep.
  • Special requirements: Our cooking classes do not require special skills – your enthusiasm is a key ingredient for a delicious meal and a good time.

What Customers Say About Delicious Istanbul Cooking Class

“..absolutely great day .. highlight of our trip to Istanbul. Not only is Olga an amazing cook and someone who is very passionate about food, but she’s also a great resource about Istanbul and other cultures. If you’re looking to get a real sense of the culture and food in Turkey, and don’t want to get stuck at another tourist trap, this is a must!!” – Andy, US

“My expectations were high – and have been exceeded! Olga had a wonderful way to cope with our 1001 questions. I learned a great deal about Turkish food and its preparation, Turkish history and today’s life… what a wonderful day!” – Bettina, Belgium

“Olga impressed us from the start, bringing us breakfast when we met her on the pier… By the end of the day we felt like we were just hanging out with a friend, cooking a feast!” – Sean & McKinze, US

“She was very organized and not at all stressed. We all had cooking tasks and we were exposed to new products, cooking techniques and recipes. We cooked with Olga like we’ve known her for years” – Terry & Ann, US

“The cooking class was held at her house in a wonderful easy-going atmosphere, with little pressure but a lot of guidance, and somehow at the end of it all we ended up with an excellent meal, accompanied by a well-chosen Turkish wine” – Oksana, US

“Strolling about the local market in Kadiköy with Olga to get the best and freshest things for the cooking class is the perfect intro to what will await you once it comes to preparing the Turkish dishes.. For us Olga turned out to be the missing link that managed to make the difference between the tourist and the traveler”- Ina, Germany

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