Delicious Istanbul Food Tour

Join Delicious Istanbul food tour focused on a major Istanbul attraction – its food. We will guide you through the bustling markets and make a dozen of stops to sampling local delights you would not discover on your own.

Delicious Istanbul Food Tour

Why Delicious Istanbul Food  Tour

If you are looking to jump-start your delicious stay in Istanbul and get oriented in the local food scene or have already spent a few days in the city and would like to better understand its foodie vibe – this food tour is for you!

  • Sample most delicious Istanbul food: taste gastronomic curiosities and discover best places to sample local food without wasting time (and meals) on trial-and-error;
  • Get quick orientation in the Istanbul cuisine: learn about its specialties, ingredients and spices so you can navigate a menu at any Istanbul restaurant and feel comfortable at the eateries without a menu at all;
  • Receive excellent insider recommendations: get tailor-made tips about legendary or little known Istanbul restaurants, cafes and delicacy shops to enjoy only great food for the rest of your stay in Istanbul;
  • Take home excellent edible souvenirs: find out about delicious souvenirs that are worth taking home and definitely can not be found in the airport duty-free.

Red pepper flakes by Olga Irez  of Delicious Istanbul

Delicious Istanbul Food Tour Program

  • Start the day with a Turkish breakfast at an eatery supplying morning power meal to the local tradesmen
  • Pick freshly baked pastry and take it to a cafe where Turkish coffee is still brewed in a traditional way
  • Taste freshly-made baklava at a family-run shop hailing from Gaziantep
  • Find out why Turks are crazy for their pickles at a 3rd generation-run pickle empire
  • Let your eyes feast at the stalls of the fishmongers and delicacy shops at the Kadıköy food market
  • Stop by over a 100-year old spice shop to learn about the traditional Turkish spices and cooking condiments
  • Visit a local weekly market where farmers from around Istanbul bring their excellent seasonal produce
  • Savor no-nonsense dishes of seasonal fish at a local canteen serving suit-clad professionals

Delicious Istanbul Food Tour

Delicious Istanbul Food Tour Practical Information

  • Cost: US$145 per person
  • What’s included: Traditional Turkish breakfast, tastings of over a dozen local treats, lunch of seasonal fish and public transportation fare.
  • Time: Tour starts at 9.30 am and finishes at about 2.30 pm.
  • Where tour starts: Location provided when booking is confirmed.
  • Where tour finishes: In Kadıköy from where you can take a boat back to the European side
  • Minimum capacity: 2 people.
  • Maximum capacity: 6 people. Never ever there is more than 6 participants on the tour.

Delicious Istanbul Food Tour

What Customers Say About Delicious Istanbul Food Tour

“Olga … knows the food as a Turk but share hers excitement for the food as only someone can do who had fallen in love with a cuisine” – Eileen, US

“For us Olga turned out to be the missing link that managed to make the difference between the tourist and the traveler” – Sonia and Ina, Germany

“We gained such confidence and knowledge about Istanbul food that we spent the next day with our friends reliving the tour, so they could also experience what we had seen and learned!” – Joyce, UK

“My only regret is that we didn’t have Olga with us during the rest of our travels throughout Turkey but her introductory recommendations served us well” – Janet, Maine, US

“Eating at small local cafes, drinking strong Turkish coffee or shopping for spices with Olga was like having a full day of family visits: we were constantly offered things to try, to smell, to touch without .. pressure” – Alexandrina, Norway

“The perfect food and photo tour! Olga had relationships with the pushy spice market vendors so we were treated to the “no pressure” sales. They literally put 20 spices on toothpicks into our hands… So cool, I can’t describe this!” – Maureen, California, US

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