How many people are usually on your Istanbul food tour or cooking class?
Minimum 2 and absolutely maximum 6.

Do you organize private tours/cooking classes?
Sure: for up t0 6 people or less, given you pay for the 6 spots.

Can you arrange transportation during the tours?
Our food tours are mostly organized as walking tours as the areas on the tours are rather compact and best explored by food. Transportation can be arranged on request if there are visits to remote markets or restaurant included in the tour.

What if I have dietary restrictions?
We have done food tours and cooking classes for customers with dietary restrictions: Istanbul that we helped them savor was as delicious and diverse.We are happy to accommodate for food allergies or special diet with an advance notice.

I am vegetarian. Will there be food I can eat on the food tour / cooking class?
For sure! In fact you will never feel deprived because meatless side of Turkish food is tremendous.

Can I take pictures or video during the food tour and cooking class?
You definitely should! Istanbul streets, markets and food are very photogenic and photographic opportunities during walking or cooking will be aplenty. Moreover you will not only bring home wonderful shots, but also delicious stories behind them.

How should I dress for walking in Istanbul?
Comfortable walking shoes are a good idea.

Do you do Istanbul walking tours that cover history of the city?
While we cover history of the Istanbul cuisine we don’t go into much detail of the city history and we don’t visit any sights that bear no culinary significance.

Do we visit the Spice Market?
No, we don’t. You can read here why. do stop by a local spice shop where the spices are fresh and reasonably priced, and no one tries to talk you into anything

Are there shopping opportunities during the tour?
Plenty when it comes to food shopping, if you please.

Can you conduct the tour in the languages other than English?
Not, as of now.

Can we join the tour/cooking class later or do just half of the tour?
Unfortunately, there is no opportunity like that.

Have got a question that is not answered here?
Please, get in touch with us and we will get back to you shortly.